santa barbara

I think all the best things happen near the ocean.  Love, laughter, friendship, awe.

I just spent 48 hours with my best friend at her home in Santa Barbara.  I met her daughter for the first time, and our babies met each other and we made them hold hands, Ryen smiled and Cannon scoffed.  Boys and girls are cute like that.  But we spent the weekend at the sweet pace where comfort meets honesty, slow but intentional.  We talked about the gospel and comparison and how amazing it was of God to create waves, how their rhythm reminds us that as long as their is life he is at work in it.  

There is truly nothing like friendship, and my soul needs it in the deepest ways.   We all do.  Every bit of how God created us to encourage one another was thought up with attention to every single detail, down to the exact time and places and circumstances our paths would cross and then walk along side one another.  What a gift.  Thank you, Jesus, for big oceans and people to sit in wonder at them with.